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Back in 2010, Monte Carlo Yachts unveiled in Venice the first yacht of its collection, the MCY 76. Over that time, the company met its promise to redefine the paradigms of boat design with its collection of multi-awarded, timeless luxury yachts.

Many pages have been written throughout these years, building gradually the Monte Carlo Yachts’ culture, a mix of facts, knowledge and experiences that defined the future of yachting.

The Franco-Italian DNA, a range of yachts inspired by a genuine, original concept of luxury, an efficient, flexible and innovative manufacturing process, a real international presence, and a personal relationship with its own customers: these are the assets of Monte Carlo Yachts and these are the drivers that allow the brand to continuously evolve.


There are five key points that steer Monte Carlo Yachts’ strategies and action plan. Five assets that do not restrict its ability to adapt, but rather inspire it.

THE FIRST ASSET IS ITS DESIRE TO CHERISH THE DUAL FRANCO-ITALIAN CULTURAL HERITAGE: Monte Carlo Yachts brings together the excellence of Italian design and the industrial capacity of the Beneteau Group, a universally recognised paradigm of technological and manufacturing efficiency. The value of the labels Made in Italy and Made in France are appreciated and recognized all around the world, especially in the nautical industry.



In each and every MCY thrives the DNA of a larger yacht. For each new model, as well as the typical, immediately recognizable touches of MCY design (the bow lounge area, the Portuguese bridge leading to the lounge, the carbon fiber T-Top on the flybridge, the stunning glass and steel fashion plates that protect the walkways along the side) there are other elements that you might usually expect to see on yachts bigger than 30 metres: decks that open up to the dining area, two masts fitted laterally on the fly that free up an extraordinary, totally usable area, thanks to the option of positioning tenders and two jet skis on the stern platform or, in most of the cases, even in the garage.


THE THIRD ASSET: INTEGRATED CUSTOMIZATION. The design and construction phases are intended to offer a huge choice of layouts to satisfy a wide range of demands. So it is possible to cater for someone who, for example, wants a “presidential” owner cabin, or someone else who would rather have more cabins.


Most of the boat owners’ preferences can be satisfied, without any need to start designing each boat from scratch. This unusual benefit is possible because of the customer driven corporate structure.

This ability to customize layouts, which is integrated in the architecture of the boat and the industrial processes used, means that there are almost limitless possibilities for personalizing the product.


The complete design and production of the furniture is made in-house utilizing only natural woods, a solution which enables to obtain unparalleled levels of quality and finishing. Natural stones, hand-made tiles, decorative metals and hand-stitched leathers are selected from the best Italian suppliers and assembled inside the MCY facilities. Also the fabrics and the workmanship seen throughout each MCY model in the range are second to none. Armani, Hermès, Giorgetti, Rubelli, Pierre Frey and Poltrona Frau are just a few of the designer names present on board the MCY collection.

The entire MCY collection from MCY 65 to MCY 105 empowers every owner to tailor the yacht to his or her unique lifestyle.

Customization options range from the main deck, lower deck and exterior areas, all aiming to offer exceptional enjoyment and liveability. Leveraging technology both within the design and manufacturing process, the MCY collection offers widely different accommodations to satisfy a varied range of demands and virtually configure the yacht accordingly to the owner’s requirements.


THE FOURTH ASSET IS THE ABILITY TO ROLL OUT A GLOBAL STRATEGY LOCALLY: “THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL”, thanks to a widespread, effective and consistent presence in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania. Everywhere Monte Carlo Yachts has developed commercial and management bases over the years, guaranteeing continuity in different markets.


THE FIFTH ASSET RELATES TO THE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE BOAT OWNERS, THE MCY EXPERIENCE. As Fabrizio Iarrera, Managing Director, explains “From the very first contact, we like to nurture a personal relationship with each and every customer, listen to what they want, spend time with them, put them at the centre of the project and the development of their future yacht. We treat every customer as an individual, and our strategy is to continue to do so, even as the company grows, guaranteeing the boat owner the same point of contact throughout the different phases before and after buying the yacht.”


Each and any customization implementation is managed directly by the shipyard. Literally unlimited material choices await the customer, making the personalization process alone a truly fascinating experience that cannot be found with any other production builder.

The MCY style office works closely with Nuvolari Lenard studio while providing a painstaking attention to every single detail. Personalized layouts and decors, 3D views, décor boards and made-to-measure brochures are developed together with the customer. The result is an exceptional experience to the most demanding owners.


This unique approach, known as part of the “Monte Carlo Yachts Exclusive Experience”, is possible because of the customer driven corporate structure: a strong and powerful demonstration of Monte Carlo Yachts’ ground breaking production process, which is recognised as one of the company’s key strengths.