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MCY 70. The expression of the Monte Carlo Yachts’ new Vision

Monte Carlo Yachts Collection grows and develops following a new VISION, an evolution of the product that keeps the philosophy and the values embraced since the very first model. These values are, and will always be, universal reference points for the brand that yearns for building yachts that are authentic, elegant and timeless. This evolution alongside continuity represents the true core of Monte Carlo Yachts VISION, a special way of interpreting the world, sailing, luxury and our relationship with the sea. A vision that guides the design of the new models that Monte Carlo Yachts has already started to present in this very first part of 2019: the MCY 70, MCY 66 and MCY 76.


The new MCY 70, developed with the lifestyle of the customer in mind, features even larger interior volumes, wider views, increased brightness, and expanded customization options made possible by the company’s revolutionary Naval Architecture and Production Processes.


The model perfectly embodies Monte Carlo Yachts’ values, and the Nuvolari Lenard design emphasizes the yacht’s role as a home-away-from-home with particular attention given to wider interior volumes and enlarged exterior entertainment areas where shaped bulwarks enhance the quality of light and space across the main deck and new portholes and windows create an even more immersive relationship with the ocean and the outdoors.


As soon as coming on board, a pleasant atmosphere of brightness engages the visitors completely, thanks to wide and enlarged windows that let the natural light come across directly and offer a greater view of the horizon. The interiors gain more useful space thanks to optimised structural solutions and an innovative layout. The main saloon is spacious and elegant, enriched by large white laquered surfaces, black glass and glossy marble countertops highlighted by reflective stainless steel details.

The glossy are softened by the natural wood flooring, vertical panels and rich fabrics, which provide a pleasant contrast to the crisp lacquered interiors.


The helm station offers exceptional visibility and allows for comfortable observing from the Captain’s chairs. The wheelhouse integrates with the saloon area, divided just by a panel composed by vertical bars that let the light goes through them and widespreads all around.


The aft stair offers to the owner a private and dedicated access to the cabin. The inside is lighted up by natural light that comes across the enlarged MCY portholes and reflects on the glass and mirrored surfaces. The cabin includes a spacious dressing room and a comfortable bathroom, whose entrance doors are integrated in the geometrical pattern of the panels that characterizes the cabin bulkheads.


Besides the owner cabin, the model boasts other three wide guest cabins, among which the elegant Vip cabin located at the bow and two guests cabins with joinable twin beds.


The decor among all the cabins is unique and sophisticated. The use of reflective materials and lacquered woods emphasizes brightness throughout the interiors. High-end fabrics, marbles, natural stones and Italian leathers are just a few of the superior materials available on the MCY range, completely customizable according to the owners’ wishes and is effortlessly tasteful.


The bow area becomes a very unique lounge area, perfectly adaptable for relax or joiful convivial moments thanks to sunpads and foldable tables. The space dedicated is now enlarged and enriched by useful storage. The Bow lounge area and the Aft cockpit are reachable through the sideways that have been designed in order to assure the best safety together with a nice open view of the seascape from the inside. The bulkheads are shaped and a wide breach is provided in correspondence of the low lateral windows.


The very revolutionary trait of the new yacht concerns the extension of the dimensions of the Flybridge. A new carbon fiber T-Top, inspired by MCY largest models, has been introduced into the new MCY 70, being hold by stainless steel lateral supports for a 360° view of the seascape.

Morover, the Flybridge available space is defintely enlarged with a fully customizable lounge area and tables served by an open air galley for a private and elegant dining experience on board.

“Innovation alongside continuity”, a concept that is more than a slogan, it’s the core of the new Vision and of the three new models.

With the constant investments in revolutionary and award-winning Naval Architecture and Production Process, Monte Carlo Yachts now looks to the future clearly with the ambition to evolve and improve.