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MCY 66 and 76. The evolution of the Monte Carlo Yachts' new Vision

Monte Carlo Yachts is now ready to present other two new models, MCY 66 and MCY 76, which will capture the nautical scenes in spring and summer respectively and will be displayed as World Premiere at Cannes Yachting Festival 2019.

MCY 66

With its 20.11 mt of lenght, MCY 66 represents an authentic revolution among luxury yachts of equivalent size.

MCY 66_rendering_exterior_01

MCY 66 external design, signed by Nuvolari and Lenard, gives particular attention to enlarged exterior entertainment areas.

Starting from the Fly Bridge area, a sensible increase of living spaces for guests is immediately visible to the naked eye, establishing MCY 66 upper deck as the best in class in the market. This important goal is the result of the revolutionary Naval Architecture and Production Process driven by MCY largest models, which have introduced a carbon fiber T-Top being hold by stainless steel lateral supports for a 360° view of the seascape. Moreover, the Flybridge available space has been enlarged definitely with a fully customizable lounge area and tables served by an open-air galley for a private and elegant dining experience on board.

MCY 66_rendering_exterior_02

The recognizable traits of the Monte Carlo Yachts design have been refined to enhance both the exteriors and interiors, introducing innovative details such as wider portholes and new ones at the bow that provide both natural light and outward vision and the fashion mirror plates, which play both the role of catchy particulars and of important protections against wind and water squirts.

The bulwarks are shaped and wide breaches opens the view in correspondence of the low lateral windows to enhance the quality of light and space across the main deck and to create an even more immersive relationship with the ocean and the outdoors.

MCY 66_render saloon_01

The decor among all the cabins is unique and sophisticated. The use of reflective materials and lacquered woods emphasizes brightness throughout the interiors.

High-end fabrics, marbles, natural stones and Italian leathers are just a few of the superior materials available on the MCY range, completely customizable according to the owners’ wishes and is effortlessly tasteful.

MCY 66_render_owner cabin_01

The internal décor tendency is to maintain a tone-on-tone approach, where the textures and the finishes fit together in a very harmonious way, enriched by copper elements such as the furniture handles and the bedhead’s frame details. This material stands out as a unique style accent, thanks to its warm and gleam nuance that gives elegance and a contemporary style to all the covered rooms.

MCY 76

The new MCY 76 is an evolution of the company’s very first yacht and will reflect over ten years of design experience an innovation without betraying the iconic boat’s defining features.

MCY 76_render_exterior 01

With its sleek exterior lines and its soft interior layout, the new MCY 76 project embodies the highest expression of the new models, moving towards the bigger MCY range features.

MCY 76_render_exterior 02

The Fly bridge is spacious and offers a 360° view of the seascape thanks to lateral supports, enabling the visual to be open and wide. This space is set up with tables and a nice open-air galley, becoming the perfect solution for a private and elegant dining experience onboard. The bow becomes a very unique lounge area, perfectly adaptable for relax or joyful convivial moments thanks to sun pads and foldable tables. It is reachable through the sideways that have been designed in order to assure the best safety together with a nice open view of the seascape from the inside. The portholes at the bow and the ones in owner cabin become wider and provide both natural light and outward vision so that the lower windows in the aft.

MCY 76_render_main saloon

A common sensation of brightness is the first feeling when the guests enter the main deck saloon. The interior decoration is unique and elegant and benefits from optimised structural solutions that enable to gain more space. The lower and larger windows on the main saloon allow the natural light to come across and to donate a pleasant atmosphere of luminosity in the interiors. The two stairs, one in the aft and the other in the bow side of the deck, offer a private and dedicated access to the cabins.

MCY 76_render_owner cabin

All the cabins are characterised by a unique sense of brilliance, where the sunrays come across the large MCY portholes directly and make the internal areas pleasant and comfortable. Besides the owner cabin, the model boasts other three wide guest cabins, among which the elegant Vip cabin located at the bow and two guests cabins with joinable twin beds.

The airy environment of the cabins includes spacious wardrobes for all guest needs and a roomy bathroom, which is actually a place to live and to enjoy thanks to the high-quality marbles and fine materials used.

The innovative elements found throughout this new yacht will offer owners unique customization opportunities and opens possibilities for the first time available in this size category, such as a dedicated tender garage. The aim is to satisfy all the customer needs and to exceed their expectations.

It’s about time for Monte Carlo Yachts to see the outcome of its practice, where dedication, know-how investments and a positive attitude have always been the key issues to reach new important goals.

“Innovation alongside continuity”, a concept that is more than a slogan, it’s the core of the new Vision and of the three new models.