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Go Further, Go Faster with Sirena Yachts


At Sirena Yachts we believe that comfortable and efficient performance should be a given, not an option. In fact, these attributes are closely related and interdependent, which is something we take into account when designing and building our boats.

“Sirena Yachts has one philosophy and that is to maximise liveability aboard yachts that are designed to travel long distances, but when the need arises also to travel very fast,” says Costantinos Constantinou, head of operations for Sirena in North America. “That’s why our motto is: Go Further, Go Faster.”

Carbon composite construction


Fast and efficient performance requires lightweight construction. So our superstructures are built from advanced carbon composites using the latest resin infusion techniques to perform at both displacement and planing speeds comfortably and economically.

A lighter superstructure lowers the centre of gravity for better dynamic and static stability, which in turn ensures less rolling motion and a more pleasurable ride for owners and guests.

Because carbon fibre is also extremely strong and highly resistant, less material is required in the build process. Less structural material means more interior space, and higher volume means added comfort.

Dual Mode Hull


Efficiency and performance are boosted further with some smart naval architecture and engineering. Our Dual Mode Hull provides long-distance cruising with remarkably low fuel burn throughout the speed range.

At 10 knots in displacement mode, for example, the Sirena 58 has a range of 850 nautical miles, which increases to 1,100 nautical miles for the Sirena 64. Both models start to plane at around 12 knots and continue to be super-fuel efficient up to their maximum speed, which at 28 knots is around 35% higher than conventional displacement hulls with the same installed power.

Why is this important? In a word: flexibility. Most owners will choose displacement mode for relaxed and convivial cruising. But if you need to dodge bad weather or you’re simply late for a lunch date, planing mode will get you out of trouble or to your destination on time both quickly and efficiently. 

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