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How to Coil a Line

coiling a line

Although there are mucho ways to coil a line, the best is the buntline coil—it facilitates easy-to-grab stowage on a hook or in a locker. Start by coiling the line (1) into your free hand. Don’t forget to impart a bit of a twist to the right with your other hand as you form each bight, thereby obviating a frustrating hoorah’s nest of figure-eights.

Giving yourself a couple of feet of slack, put several wraps around the middle of the coil working upwards—five or six should do it—and then shove the bight through the top of the coil (2) as shown.

Pull the bight down over what I like to think of as “the shoulders” of the coil  (3) and snug it up against the wraps you’ve already made. This may entail pulling on the bitter end a bit while forcing the bight down.

Pass the bitter end of the line back through the top of the coil (4) as shown. You are now free to use it to hang the coil on a hook. Or you can simply stow the whole thing in a locker, secure in the knowledge that it won’t come apart and get tangled up with itself or with other lines.

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This article originally appeared in the September 2015 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.