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Steve Moynihan

HMY Yachts

Steve Moynihan of HMY Yachts

Power & Motoryacht: What innovations or events have had the biggest impact on your business in the past?

Steve Moynihan:The information age has had a great impact on HMY Yachts. The Internet has really allowed us to reach customers all over the globe. When we first started business in 1979, we reached customers with printed materials, mainly newspaper and magazine ads, but the Internet has allowed us to share information with people around the world, making HMY Yachts a global business. We now sell yachts in more than 35 countries and that would not have been possible without the advent of the Internet.

Power & Motoryacht: Is there a milestone that’s a turning point in your company history?

Steve Moynihan: The big turning point for us at HMY Yachts was when we made the commitment to broaden our reach into new yacht sales. We took our successful brokerage platform and expanded it to include new yachts after customers expressed an interest in HMY Yachts guiding them through the new-boat market and building process. Today we are proud to represent five of the highest quality yacht manufacturers including Viking Yachts (shown), Princess Yachts, Cruisers Yachts, Horizon Yachts, and Arcadia Yachts.

Power & Motoryacht: What exciting things do you see coming in the future for HMY?

Steve Moynihan: This is an exciting time in the yacht industry—with new technologies emerging every year, we are always looking forward to the next development. We are particularly looking forward to enhancements for yacht owners that will improve the way they use their yachts around the world. As an example, the ability to ship midsize vessels to exotic ports will allow owners to use their yachts in areas previously unavailable to them. The development of concierge services to serve owners wherever they do their yachting will also enhance the experience of the yacht owner.

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This article originally appeared in the January 2016 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.