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First Thoughts: Regulator 23

The latest from Regulator—a 23—doesn’t disappoint.

Regulator 23

Regulator announced the debut of its latest build, the 23, back in November 2013, and since then numerous orders have come in from customers eager to get their hands on a hard-charging, versatile fishing boat. The vessel has plenty of stowage, a 23-gallon livewell in her transom, a 55-quart built-in cooler, and lots of seating. What’s more, with a top speed of 40 knots (thanks to a single Yamaha F300, this boat can flat-out fly. Fast, fishable, and room for your guests? No wonder this thing is so popular. Check her out on the docks at this year’s (2014) Miami show.

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  • Builder: Regulator
  • Model: Regulator 23
  • Year: 2014