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Boat Refit Tips: Lighting

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Lighting: At the same time as soft goods, consider upgrades that can be done concurrently, such as lighting. Modern LED lighting is vastly more energy efficient than halogen lights, and can lend dramatic effects to your interior as well (watch our video on retrofitting with LED lights ➤). And don’t forget mood lighting to add pizzazz to your boat at night, with rope lights tucked in overhead treatments or under furniture. Just be sure all the existing wiring is compatible first, or your costs will skyrocket.


Capt. Bill’s Tip:Some years ago I observed a nifty conversion. Two professionals removed all the halogen lights from a 2006 Tiara 3600 Open and replaced them with Imtra LEDs. The job’s grand total (for 35 lights and two dimmers) was $3,800 plus labor. Overall current draw went from 24 to 8 amps, and the quality of the light improved significantly. Cool!