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Five Tools Every Boater Should Carry: Headlight

Let’s begin with two basic premises: You cannot fix what you cannot see, and even the best-illuminated engine room has numerous dark nooks and crannies where things can and will hide. A good flashlight is the go-to solution, but it leaves you short one hand—unless you hold it in your mouth. A headlight is a more palatable and practical option. I bought my first one years ago, and while it instantly became indispensable, it was a bulky thing that had a prodigious appetite for batteries and threw a beam of light that, though helpful, was bright only when the batteries were new. Today headlights have long-life LED bulbs, and so suffer from neither of these drawbacks. My current model is more than a year old and still on its original three AAAs. I chose it because the battery pack is at the rear, making it much more balanced and comfortable. It cost me less than $30.

Five Tools Every Boater Should Carry: Headlight