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Monica Botto

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Graphic Designer: Monica Botto


Monica Botto is the newest addition to the Power & Motoryacht staff, having joined in June 2006. Among other things, she is responsible for all illustrations, interfaces with photographers, and manages the photo library. She studied fine arts and graphic design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, from which she graduated with a BFA. Prior to joining PMY, Monica was a freelance designer and also worked at Architectural Digest.

Monica has a unique appreciation of boats and watercraft, as her youth was tied to many ports throughout the Caribbean, Central America, and Miami. Her father, an owner of a freight-forwarding company, raised Monica and her siblings in proximity to the ocean, including a four-year residence in the then-undeveloped Cayman Islands.

Before moving to New York in 2000, Monica was an active participant in the Miami Beach art movement, where she worked alongside artists at the South Florida Art Center and assisted in a project called Heart Across Africa, which used art created by children to raise awareness of the conditions in certain African countries.

Monica is an avid scuba diver and visits Miami every few months to swim in the warm waters of South Florida and the Keys.

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This article originally appeared in the January 2007 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.