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Meet The PMY Crew

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As an enthusiast publication, Power & Motoryacht is committed to one topic: powerboats 24 feet and larger. We provide our readers with all the details they seek about large boats and onboard gear—and all the information they need to more fully enjoy their time on the water—because our readers are qualified buyers.

Power & Motoryacht has been the magazine for powerboaters with boats 24 feet and larger since 1985. Power & Motoryacht provides its readers with product and lifestyle editorial exclusive to this top end of the powerboat market. Power & Motoryacht is the authority, producing more editorial pages on how, when, and where to get the most enjoyment from large powerboats.

Our readers are loyal, dedicated powerboating enthusiasts and the heart of the powerboat market.

The Crew

Editor-in-Chief:Capt. Richard Thiel
Group Creative Director: Aimée Colon
Senior Editor:Capt. Bill Pike
Senior Editor:Jason Y. Wood
Electronics Editor:Tim Bartlett
Associate Editor:Kevin Koenig
Associate Editor:Alyssa Haak
Graphic Designer:Isa Pagani
Web Editor:John V Turner

This article originally appeared in the September 2008 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.