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Cats Are Taking Over the World

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Aquila 44

Have a look around your marina next time you’re there. Notice anything? If there aren’t already more catamarans than there used to be, there almost certainly will be soon. Cats are on the rise. And I for one am not complaining. I’ve long been a proponent of their extra space and stability, ever since I tested the Sunreef 70 for our July 2012 issue—to this day one of my favorite boats I’ve been aboard. I remember walking into the saloon and being blown away by the space. It felt like a loft. And that’s something purveyors of fine catamarans are well aware of. 

Lex Raas, president of Marinemax Vacations and Aquila Yachts, believes the rise in popularity of catamarans is a natural progression. He says, “It’s the same thing as in the sailing world, it just takes a little time for people to warm up to catamarans. For a long time in the powerboat industry, the cats didn’t really have the accommodations people liked to see. But now, with the wider hulls, the cabins are more comfortable, and of course the saloons with all that space are unbeatable. And the flying bridges are, of course, huge. The design has finally caught up to the demand, I think.”

All of which makes good sense to me. It depends on what you use your boat for, but if deck space and at-sea stability are of paramount concern for you and your family, you’d be well inclined to go check out a twin hull. Curiosity, after all, isn’t always so bad when it comes to cats. 

This article originally appeared in the February 2015 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.