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The World’s 100 Largest Yachts - 2013

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The PMY 100: 2013 

The Ripple Effect

With NINE spectacular additions to the list of the world’s 100 largest yachts—including Azzam, in the top spot—the design, construction, engineering, and culture surrounding these stunning creations have a huge influence on future megayachts and the world of boating in general. In these highlights, the Power & Motoryacht Staff explores where, how, and why the envelope is being pushed.

The PMY 100: 2013

Latest additions in red

  1. Azzam—Length: 590'5" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  2. Eclipse—Length: 534'8" 
    Builder: Blohm + Voss Shipyard
  3. Dubai—Length: 531'5" 
    Builder: Platinum Yachts
  4. Al Said—Length: 508'5" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  5. Prince Abdulaziz—Length: 482'3"
    Builder: Helsingor Vaerft
  6. Topaz—Length: 482'3" 
    Builder: Lürssen 
  7. El Horriya—Length: 478'1" 
    Builder: Samuda Bros.
  8. Yas—Length: 462'6" 
    Builder: ADMShipyards
  9. Al Salamah—Length: 456'1" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  10. Rising Sun—Length: 454'1" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  11. Swift 135—Length: 442'10" 
    Builder: ADMShipyards
  12. Serene—Length: 439'6" 
    Builder: Fincantieri Yachts
  13. Al Mirqab—Length: 436'4" 
    Builder: Peters Schiffbau
  14. Octopus—Length: 414'0" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  15. Privilege One—Length: 413'4"
    Builder: Privilege Yacht
  16. Katara—Length: 408'1" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  17. Alexander—Length: 400'0" 
    Builder: Lebecker Flender Werke
  18. A—Length: 390'4" 
    Builder: Blohm + Voss
  19. Turama—Length: 381'9" 
    Builder: Rauma
  20. Atlantis II—Length: 379'10" 
    Builder: Hellenic Shipyards
  21. Issham Al Baher—Length: 379'8"
    Builder: Hellenic Shipyards
  22. Pelorus—Length: 377'3" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  23. Luna—Length: 377'3" 
    Builder: Lloyd Werft
  24. Le Grand Bleu—Length: 370'0"
    Builder: Bremer Vulkan
  25. Dilbar—Length: 360'9" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  26. Radiant—Length: 360'9" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  27. Lady Moura—Length: 343'10"
    Builder: Blohm + Voss
  28. Loaloat Al Behar—Length: 340'7"
    Builder: Picchiotti
  29. Attessa IV—Length: 328'1" 
    Builder: Evergreen Shipyard
  30. Christina O—Length: 325'0"
    Builder: Canadian Vickers
  31. Madame GU—Length: 324'8"
    Builder: Feadship
  32. Carinthia VII—Length: 318'9"
    Builder: Lürssen 
  33. Limitless—Length: 315'8" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  34. Palladium—Length: 314'10" 
    Builder: Blohm + Voss
  35. Vava II— Length: 314'10" 
    Builder: Devonport Yachts
  36. Indian Empress—Length: 311'7"
    Builder: Oceanco
  37. Tatoosh—Length: 303'2" 
    Builder: Nobiskrug
  38. Mayan Queen IV—Length: 301'8"
    Builder: Blohm + Voss
  39. Y709—Length: 300'2"
    Builder: Oceanco
  40. Nahlin—Length: 300'0" 
    Builder: John Brown & Company 
  41. Dubawi—Length: 297'2"
    Builder: Cantiere Navale Ferrari 
  42. Nero—Length: 295'6" 
    Builder: Yantai Raffles Shipyard
  43. Ice—Length: 295'6" 
    Builder: Yantai Raffles Shipyard
  44. Lauren L—Length: 295'3" 
    Builder: Cassens-Werft
  45. Nirvana—Length: 290'4" 
    Builder: Oceanco
  46. Asean Lady—Length: 289'2"
    Builder: Yantai Raffles Shipyard
  47. Quattroelle—Length: 288'7"
    Builder: Lürssen
  48. Musashi—Length: 287'10"
    Builder: Feadship
  49. Fountainhead—Length: 287'10"
    Builder: Feadship
  50. Arctic P—Length: 287'3" 
    Builder: Schichau Unterwesser
  51. Phoenix 2—Length: 286'1" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  52. Ace—Length: 285'4" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  53. Ecstasea—Length: 282'1"
    Builder: Feadship
  54. Kingdom 5KR—Length: 282'1"
    Builder: Benetti 
  55. Seven Seas—Length: 281'10"
    Builder: Oceanco
  56. Cakewalk—Length: 280'8"
    Builder: Derecktor
  57. St. Princess Olga— Length: 280'8"
    Builder: Oceanco
  58. Sunrays—Length: 280'5" 
    Builder: Oceanco
  59. Vibrant Curiosity—Length: 280'4"
    Builder: Oceanco
  60. Z—Length: 279'8" 
    Builder: Marco Yachts
  61. Moonlight II—Length: 279'8"
    Builder: Nerion Syros Shipyards 
  62. Delma—Length: 279'8" 
    Builder: Nerion Syros Shipyards
  63. Pacific—Length: 279'5" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  64. Solandge—Length: 279'2" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  65. Valerie—Length: 275'6" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  66. O’Mega—Length: 271'1"
    Builder: Mistubishi Heavy Industries
  67. Secret—Length: 270'0" 
    Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen
  68. Sarafsa—Length: 269'0"
    Builder: Devonport Yachts 
  69. Ocean Breeze—Length: 269'0"
    Builder: Helsingor Vaerft
  70. Graceful—Length: 269'0"
    Builder: Blohm + Voss
  71. Alfa Nero— Length: 269'0"
    Builder: Oceanco
  72. Air—Length: 265'7" 
    Builder: Feadship
  73. Bart Roberts—Length: 264'10"
    Builder: Canadian Vickers
  74. Norge—Length: 263'3"
    Builder: Camper & Nicholsons
  75. Golden Odyssey—Length: 262'10"
    Builder: Blohm + Voss
  76. Constellation—Length: 262'5"
    Builder: Oceanco
  77. Stargate—Length: 262'5"
    Builder: Oceanco
  78. Chopi Chopi—Length: 262'5"
    Builder: CRN
  79. Amevi— Length: 262"5" 
    Builder: Oceanco
  80. Talitha G—Length: 261'10"
    Builder: Krupp Germaniawerft
  81. Dubai Shadow—Length: 259'2"
    Builder: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  82. Al Diriyah—Length: 258'0"
    Builder: National Bulk Carriers 
  83. Pegasus V—Length: 257'9"
    Builder: Royal Denship
  84. Delphine—Length: 257'5"
    Builder: Great Lakes Engineering Works
  85. Hampshire II—Length: 257'5"
    Builder: Feadship 
  86. TV—Length: 257'5" 
    Builder: Lürssen
  87. Tueq—Length: 257'4"
    Builder: GNS Shipyard
  88. Eminence—Length: 257'3"
    Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen
  89. Amaryllis—Length: 257'3"
    Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen 
  90. Dannebrog—Length: 257'3"
    Builder: Danish Royal Dockyard
  91. Titan—Length: 257'3" 
    Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen 
  92. C2—Length: 257'3" 
    Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen 
  93. Venus—Length: 256'6" 
    Builder: Feadship
  94. Montkaj—Length: 256'0"
    Builder: Amels
  95. Lone Ranger—Length: 255'0"
    Builder: Schichau-Unterwesser
  96. Tango—Length: 254'9" 
    Builder: Feadship
  97. Sea Stallion—Length: 252'6"
    Builder: Hanseatic Marin
  98. Samar—Length: 252'2"
    Builder: Devonport Yachts
  99. Lady Sarya—Length: 250'4"
    Builder: Cantieri Navale Apuania
  100. Ocean Victory—Length: 248'5"
    Builder: Feadship


1. Azzam

At 590 feet 6 inches—or about 197 yards—Azzam is a greater distance from end to end than all but one man has ever carried the ball in a Super Bowl. (Tommy Smith, Washington Redskins, Super Bowl XXII, 204 yards.) — Kevin Koenig

Azzam photo by Klaus Jordan

In case you think Azzam’s top speed of 30-plus knots is vaguely exaggerated, let me tell you a little story. Right after the start of the Second Gulf War, I got myself embedded as a journalist with a U.S. Coast Guard team that was boarding dhows and other vessels coming down Iraq’s Shat al-Arab River. The objective was to catch a fleeing Saddam Hussein. At any rate, during a lull in our day-to-day adventures, I chanced to visit a 450-foot-long, 5,000-ton British frigate loaded with artillery, missiles, and Lynx attack helicopters. “Power & Motoryacht, eh?” observed the ever-so-British captain, “Yes, yes. I have a rather large motoryacht here myself. Shall we see what she’ll do?” After ringing up his chief engineer with a certain flair, the rather exhibitionistic fellow brought his ship to a full stop and then flat-out poured the coal to ’er. In a mere two minutes we were charging across the Persian Gulf at a blistering 26 knots—fast enough to blow your hat off. “She may perhaps go faster,” the captain said, slowing down, “but I suppose we’ve wasted enough of the Queen’s money for one day.” — Capt. Bill Pike


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3. Dubai

At an estimated $300,000,000, Dubai actually costs about $50,000,000 less than the Hope Diamond. What a steal! — Kevin Koenig

Dubai: 531′5″ 
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7. El Horriya

El Horriya was built in 1865 as a paddle-wheeler, the same year Wild Bill Hickok killed a man in the first recorded quick-draw gunfight. There were also only 36 U.S. states, and it would be another eight years before the invention of blue jeans. El Horriya has been refit a few times over the years, the last time in 1987. — Kevin Koenig

8. Yas

Pierrejean Design Studio styled Yas inside and out. Another project to spring from the studio’s drafting software is LOU+LOU, the 525-foot “gigayacht” shown here, which offers some edgy technology. Here’s what Jacques Pierrejean (inset) has to say about the design. — Jason Y. Wood

8. Yas: 462′6″
Jacques Pierrejean

“This outside/inside concept is definitely turned to the sea and to the ship environment, with open modulable spaces evolving according each moment of life aboard. This offers a complete revolution compared to the ‘nice and cozy’ classical interiors.”

“The style that we are promoting is pure with fluid shapes, discreet integration of the latest technologies giving the yacht a dynamic and futuristic aspect.”

“Longer and larger, LOU+LOU should fit the ambitious aspirations of the owner with even more innovative modulable spaces open to the sea. The integration and the use of new energies shows our deep concern and respect toward nature and environment. Equipped with hybrid propulsion with an electrical motorization pools, the yacht reaches 8-knot speeds in total silence. Solar panels with photovoltaic modules for electrical systems are also proposed.”

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12. Serene

Nothing like a nice, deep dive in a personal submarine to boost your spirits—that’s a truism I came to appreciate during a hermetically sealed, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea experience I had in a big, yellow, three-man Triton sub a couple of years ago in the Bahamas. And reportedly, Serene boasts at least one personal sub like the Triton. But for folks who are not totally down with climbing into a cramped little cabin and breathing air earnestly, the yacht also reportedly offers a “Nemo Room,” an underwater viewing space decorated (and named) in deference to Mr. Verne. Sort of a virtual deep-dive experience that prepares one for the real thing, I guess. — Capt. Bill Pike

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14. Octopus

Octopus has seven tenders onboard, the largest of which is 63 feet long—a length at which many boaters decide to hire a full-time captain. The 63-footer has its own tender. Does that make eight? — Kevin Koenig

Click to enlarge image - Megayacht Octopus

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This article originally appeared in the August 2013 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.