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Then again, it seems Woods might prefer to get his exercise outdoors. There had once been talk of a fully gimbaled pool table in Hull 026’s sky lounge, but instead, the yacht carries all her toys on the top deck, including three SeaDoos, two oceangoing kayaks, and a pair of Vespa scooters. They’re all stowed aft of a large bar with a marble countertop, a stainless steel Lynx barbecue grill, an eight-person Jacuzzi, and teak chaise lounges covered with (you guessed it) beige-and-white striped cushions.


A 50-inch plasma television pops up from the cabinet and swivels to face the dining room or the main saloon.

I was impressed until I looked all the way aft on the top deck to starboard. There, I saw six large helium tanks—a clue to the coolest sports equipment aboard.

Helium, when combined with oxygen and nitrogen, creates what is known in the scuba world as trimix—a breathable blend that lets you dive deeper than traditional tanks full of compressed air. Helium cannot be manufactured, hence the six tanks of it on Hull 026’s top deck. They are positioned to be lowered by crane to the lazarette, then used to fill divers’ tanks at a “gas blend” table there. The entire setup cost at least $150,000, according to the project engineer who’d flown out to the Pacific Northwest from Fort Lauderdale to oversee installation. He says his company, Brownie’s Third Lung, also installed the scuba system aboard the world’s second largest private motoryacht, the 414-foot Octopus, for owner Paul Allen last year. “This is probably the next biggest one that I’ve seen,” he says. “They had 16 helium bottles and a decompression chamber (aboard Octopus).”

Hull 026 will have an inflatable decompression chamber aboard, an important safety measure for divers who push deeper than the 120-foot recreational limit. One of the deckhands aboard says his boss has never been below 140 feet but is now aiming for 200. “Anywhere there’s fish,” he says. “We like to spear fish.”

This article originally appeared in the November 2004 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.