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Owning Hollywood History Page 2

References to Moroccan houses of ill repute aside, Couch and Dooner definitely wanted to imprint their own style on the yacht yet still pay homage to her classic appeal. Surveys both before and after the sale showed the yacht to be in excellent condition, according to Elfenbein. While things such as the electrical system, the heating and cooling system, and piping were replaced by the couple, many of the changes were cosmetic. They took the yacht to Hinckley Yacht Services in Stuart, where they decided to replace the carpeting with rosewood and holly soles and replace wall treatments with abundant teak paneling. The yacht also now sports a blue hull. “We’re taking it back to a very traditional look, nautical in nature,” Couch says.

Around the time you’re reading this, the refitted Chanticleer, rechristened Tomboy, should be taking her first big cruise with her new owners. Though Couch and Dooner intend to make their way down to the Caribbean this winter, expect to see them mostly cruising between Maryland and Massachusetts.

And if you see them on the water, be sure to wave. Langford would have liked that.

This article originally appeared in the November 2006 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.