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Megayacht Musashi

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In the yacht-spotting world, the most exciting news is often unconfirmed and based on rumor. The bold-named clients often demand the most secrecy, which makes getting straight answers difficult. All of this combined makes Feadship’s launch of Musashi even more intriguing. Hints as to her owner’s identity include her Japan-influenced name (Musashi was a 16th-century samurai) and her exterior styling. These clues point to Larry Ellison as the owner. The vertical hull windows mimic those on his current yacht, Rising Sun, and Ellison has a known penchant for all things Japanese. More than 150 feet shorter than the 454-foot Rising Sun, Musashi would give Ellison access more marinas than the commercial docks that are the only places large enough for Rising Sun. Rumor has it that’s a big reason why Ellison has been trying to sell his large yacht for the last five years.

Besides her famous owner, Musashi’s launch was noteworthy for Feadship because she is the second megayacht of the XL 88 line built at the new De Vries Makkum shipyard and at 288 feet, the largest yacht built by Feadship. (The first was Ocean Victory, which is 40 feet shorter than Musashi.)

But just because she’s smaller than Rising Sun doesn’t mean Musashi will be any less impressive. Her original plans called for six split-level decks accessible by glass elevator, two 32-foot tenders, four engines that can generate speeds of more than 22 knots, and below-decks helicopter storage.

Musashi ranks as #7 on America's Largest Yachts 2010


  • Builder: Feadship

This article originally appeared in the November 2010 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.