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"I Want to Tour a Megayacht" Contest Winner!

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Congratulations to Pat Hanrahan of Cape Coral, Florida, who was treated to not one but two bilge-to-bridge tours of megayachts at the recent Yacht & Brokerage Show in Miami. Here's his winning entry:

"I have a Navy Blue Blazer and white linen pants, so I can dress appropriately. I'm mannered and house trained, so I present a negligible embarrassment factor. I have no children under the age of 23, and no grandchildren to drag along, so there won't be a trail of slime behind me. (Besides, if my children want to get onboard, they can write their own essays.) I didn't go to Fordham, so Ms. Byrne won't risk seeing me at an Alumni event. I've been lucky to have fished all over the Western Hemisphere, so I could sustain some conversation based on common experiences and not be boring for at least ten minutes.

I'm relatively bright, so after a few minutes I would recognize that it's time to shut up, and I have the civility to do so (see above); If Ms. Byrne decides to part company, at her pre-determined signal, I'll disappear into the nearest bar, off the ship, of course, and participate in the artform I've honed these many years: imbibing to near excess. If I'm not selected, I'll whine and pout and only read PMY when you send it to me. If threats won't work, the bribe I offer is to take Ms. Byrne and two guests of her choice for a day of fishing out of Matlacha in my Shoalwater, followed by a cocktail cruise of selected freshwater canals of Cape Coral on the Water Wench, a pontoon boat of dubious fitness captained by my wife. In short, choose me because it will be one of those rare experiences of a lifetime for me, and a better than a ‘gotta-do-it' experience for Ms. Byrne."

To see some of what Hanrahan and his wife experienced first-hand aboard the 150-foot Christensen Mystic and 150-foot Trinity My Iris, courtesy of Crom Littlejohn, a broker with Merle Wood & Associates, click here.

This article originally appeared in the March 2008 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.