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Christensen 155 Tiger Woods' New Yacht

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It’s got to be tough being Tiger Woods. Between championship rounds on the PGA Tour, he has a dozen sponsors to keep happy: There are Buick commercials to film, Tag Heuer watches to wind, American Express minimovies to headline alongside the gopher from Caddyshack. Pity the poor man who’s just trying to beat par. How could he ever spare a second to build the yacht of his dreams?

Tiger Wood's Yacht

Note the distinctive black styling around the large oval windows on Hull 026. According to the yard, they were the owner's idea.

Actually, he’s just the type of customer Christensen Shipyards wants these days. While the builder would neither confirm nor deny that Woods took delivery this summer of a 155 Trideck Motor Yacht known as Hull 026, the fact is well known within the industry—and the matchup makes perfect sense. This yacht is the first in Christensen’s new Advanced Production Series, in which it begins a 157-footer every four months (the 155 is identical to the 157, less a kicker on the swim platform). The yard’s goal is to deliver three 157s each year to busy owners who want a yacht that’s nearly complete but that can still be personally tailored.

Example number one is the famed golfer, who bought the 155 in February when it was about two-thirds done. “Sixty percent is really ideal,” says John Lance, Christensen’s marketing and advertising director. “You’re down to under a year delivery time. You can come in and choose the interior, and you’ve got a boat.”

That is, unless you’re busy approving the latest version of EA Sports’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf for video-gamers worldwide. Woods may have paid for the $20-million yacht, but he never once set foot in the Vancouver, Washington, yard before her delivery. Instead, his fiance visited several times. “She’s a quick decision-maker,” the project manager notes without actually confirming her identity. “No haggling around.”


  • Builder: Christensen

This article originally appeared in the November 2004 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.