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America's 100 Largest Yachts 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to introduce a new word into your vocabulary. In fact, it’s so new that you won’t find it in any dictionary. (That's because our own Capt. Patrick Sciacca made it up a few weeks ago.)

The word: mega-razzi.


Dana Jinkins

#3: LIMITLESS—315'8"

While mega-razzi sounds much like "paparazzi," that's where the similarities end. Unlike those notorious photographers who hound celebrities like rabid dogs chasing after juicy steaks, the mega-razzi is a sedate lot. In fact, if you've ever been out on the water or even strolling a quay somewhere, minding your own business, when suddenly you’ve spotted a famous megayacht and excitedly reached for your camera (or even camera phone), congratulations, you're part of the mega-razzi.

Members of the mega-razzi come from all walks of life. Some are professional yacht photographers, some are brokers and boatbuilders, and some are just regular Joes with Webshots and Flickr photo-sharing accounts online. Yet all have one thing in common: an undying love and admiration of megayachts. When one of these vessels appears on the horizon, they crane their necks in anticipation of figuring out just which yacht it is, then grab their trusty zoom lens and shoot away.

Of course, not every owner is enthused about having his or her private yacht as the center of such attention. But others are, secretly surfing our Megayachts forum on a weekly basis looking for pictures and even having their crew make calls and send e-mails to obtain high-resolution copies to use as screensavers on their onboard PCs. (Trust us, we’ve gotten those e-mails.)

And they—as well as the brokers and builders who represent them—openly look forward to this feature each year. They want to see not only where their pride and joy ranks, but also what photo we selected to show her off and what the competition looks like. No, it’s not out of jealousy; it’s to get ideas for their next project. Because there’s always a next project.

So without further ado, turn the page to see pictures of profiles, facsimiles of flying bridges, and snapshots of sundecks. (And we’d appreciate it if you’d pay attention to the words between the pretty photos, too.)

KEY:Y=year launched (where two dates are given, the second is a refit date); B=builder; N=naval architect; H=hull material; E=engines (The America's 100 Largest Yachts 2006 ranking is in parentheses.)

Slide show:
Interactive deck plans:


4.Attessa (302'4") (-)54.Taipan (53)5.Tatoosh (4)55.Battered Bull (54)6.Lone Ranger (5)56.Halcyon Days (55)7.Talitha G (6)57.Dream (57)8.Laurel (7)58.Beauport (58)9.Utopia (-)59.Enterprise V (59)10.Skat (8)60.Gallant Lady (168'0") (-)11.Reverie (9)61.Haida (60)12.Attessa (225'0") (11)62.Helios 2 (61)13.Lady Anne (-)63.Jamaica Bay (62)14.Kismet (13)64.Illusion (63)15.White Cloud (12)65.Lazy Z (64)16.Allure Shadow (-)66.Alibi (66)17.Turmoil (15)67.Potomac (67)18.Apogee (16)68.Sweet Pea (65)19.Fortunato (17)69.Andale (68)20.Rasselas (18)70.Aurora B (69)21.Mylin IV (19)71.Evviva (-)22.April Fool (20)72.Happy Days (70)23.Méduse (21)73.Iroquois (71)24.Blue Moon (22)74.Mine Games (-)25.Paraffin (23)75.Vango (72)26.Aviva II (-)76.Invader (73)27.Oasis (24)77.Triton (74)28.Intuition II (25)78.Shandor (75)29.Calixe (26)79.Lady J (76)30.Linda Lou (27)80.Mystique (77)31.Ronin (28)81.Lady Michelle (-)32.Dolce Far Niente (29)82.Pegasus (78)33.Helios (30)83.Te Manu (79)34.Excellence III (31)84.Michaela Rose (80)35.Ultima III (32)85.Lohengrin (-)36.Bad Girl (33)86.Zoom Zoom Zoom (82)37.Sirona III (34)87.Aurora (83)38.Paladin 2 (-)88.Indefensible (84)39.Pangaea (37)89.Teleost (85)40.Allegro (-)90.Newvida (86)41.Huntress (38)91.Inevitable (87)42.Altitude (39)92.Kanaloa (88)43.Platinum (41)93.Janie (91)44.Starfire (42)94.Lady Joy (-)45.Fortunate Sun (43)95.Lady Linda (92)46.Katharine (45)96.Marathon (-)47.Kisses (46)97.Nice N' Easy (93)48.Noble House (47)98.Thirteen (89)49.Sea Bowld (48)99.Themis (95)50.Ice Bear (44)100.Princess K (96)


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This article originally appeared in the November 2007 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.