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America’s 100 Largest Yachts 2006 #29: Dolce Far Niente

#29: Dolce Far Niente—190'8"

News broke in January that the converted tug Seawolfe C, which had been in Greek hands and on the market for a few years, had sold to an American. The current owner has had a 151-foot Benetti for a while, which he’s used privately and has made available for charter, so we anticipate seeing the same thing happen with this lady, which boasts a 16,000-mile range and cherrywood paneling.

Y: 1957/2002; B: Smit Kinderdijk, Holland; N: Dhr Huisman; H: Steel; E: 2/1,500-hp Smit/MANs

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  • Builder: Smit Kinderdijk

This article originally appeared in the November 2006 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.