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Upgrading the Comfort Level of the Forward Stateroom

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The forward stateroom of this 1996 Grand Banks 42 is not much different from the original Grand Banks 42, introduced in 1966. This traditional V-berth is a set-up more common on sailboats and is actually more comfortable than it looks. Our boat will receive a spruce up of the joinery in this area, new foam for the cushions, new upholstery, a new overhead hatch from Vetus-Maxwell, and a full cleaning.
Another component that will improve comfort, especially in Arawak’s home port in the Virgin Islands, is reverse cycle air conditioning. One unit serves the forward section of the boat. Once the new unit is installed, it’s important to incorporate the a/c
into the boat’s maintenance schedule.
First, check your return-air filter about once a month to make sure that it is clean of debris and anything that might block air flow. If it is dirty, replace it.
The seawater strainer for the AC needs to be kept clean and free of debris so that the pump receives a good amount of seawater. While cruising between the Virgin Islands and Florida, we’ll periodically check the strainer basket (weekly or even daily during if
the boat is on charter) and clean it if needed, checking to make sure that none of the hoses are kinked or bent. Because we keep Arawak in a stagnant lagoon, we employ a diver to clean the boat’s bottom, and will make sure he checks that there is nothing obstructing the seawater-intake scoop. And remember, if you see the stream of discharge water in the side of the hull start to slow down this is likely a sign that you need to clean the seawater strainer.

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