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Roll On, Roll Off

Forget to wear a long-sleeved shirt when grinding fiberglass? Nix that dust with a lint roller.

Let’s say you need to do a little fiberglass work. And the job you envision entails the business end of an angle grinder, a couple of sanding blocks, a pair of goggles and a hot, sweaty respirator. Most likely, at the start of the project, you will also envision the way you are going to feel at the end of the day, with various parts of your anatomy covered with millions of minute shards of fibrous fiberglass and lots of fiberglass dust.

There’s only one word that does justice to this shardsy, dusty feeling—itchy! Indeed, there’s little doubt that being covered with the residue from a day spent doing fiberglass repairs is one of the itchiest states a person can get himself into. And what heaps even more misery upon the situation is the fact that there’s really no way to get the stuff off.

We all know showering won’t do it, whether with hot or cold water. Toweling thoroughly won’t do it either, and neither will plain ol’ scraping. The only thing that seems to really do the trick is time—simply allowing the passage of time to wear the darn stuff away. An itchy solution if ever there was one.

But wait! Here’s a cool idea I tried recently with success. Before you even go near your fiberglass repair job, pay a visit to your local hardware store, big-box mercantile or supermarket and pick up a couple of roller-type lint removers. Then, after a hard day behind your grinder or sander, go over your forearms, hands, neck and shoulders with a big, trusty lint roller, making sure to promptly remove each paper layer as it becomes clogged. Then, and only then, take a nice hot shower, unencumbered by fiberglass shards and dust.

Try it. I think you’ll like it.