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PMY TRIES... Nautic Air


It was an interesting suggestion, really.

Some weeks before, Heath Schuman of Nautic Air had UPS’d me an experimental version of his portable NA20 air purifier to temporarily try out on my trawler Betty Jane. I’d placed the thing on the dining table in Betty’s saloon straight off, plugged it into a nearby 110-volt outlet, and after securely closing all doors and windows, let ‘er run in my absence for a couple of days. The result was hardly noticeable, however, most likely because Betty had been darn unsmelly prior to the NA20’s test despite her 22-year-old vintage.

Now my boss Capt. Richard Thiel was suggesting I try the unit on another vessel, preferably a liveaboard inhabited by a pipe, cigar, or cigarette smoker. “Yeah,” I replied, warming to the idea. “I’ve got just the guy.”

Lee Pottle, a cigar-smoking liveaboard, was excited about the project when I hit him up. Would a combination of photo-catalytic oxidation and electrically polarized media remove “99.7% of harmful airborne contaminants” onboard his Marina Beema, as promised by Nautic Air? And, more importantly perhaps, would it nix the cigar-smoking issue that was currently troubling the romantic side of his life? Pottle wanted to know, big-time!

The answers came after a week’s usage. “My girlfriend loves the difference—the cigar smell’s gone, totally,” grinned Pottle when my wife BJ and I stopped by to pick up the NA20 for shipment back to Schuman. “She’s happy as a clam, and so am I.”

My wife, whose olfactory sensibilities are way more discerning than mine, heartily agreed. She detected no odors whatsoever onboard Pottle’s boat. And for that matter, neither did I.

—Capt. Bill Pike

Nautic Air (410) 604-2801.

This article originally appeared in the July 2010 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.