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Neptune 5 Bottom Paint

Neptune 5 Bottom Paint

Not Messing Around

Easy cleanup and lightning-fast dry times are just a couple reasons why Pettit’s Neptune 5 might be the next bottom paint for your boat.

♦ We should all be painting our boats while wearing coveralls, goggles, and respirators but that doesn’t stop some of us from tackling this chore while dressed like Jimmy Buffett. Pettit’s claim that its Neptune 5 comes off your skin with soap and water has been proven true. (Note: But it won’t come off your boat shoes, you can trust us on that.) A lack of harsh solvents allows this almost-odorless paint to be applied indoors and not send you running for an open window.

♦ For sportfish and charter-yacht owners that run their boats/businesses, time on the hard can come at a hefty cost. This makes the short drying time of Neptune 5 ($120 a gallon, which is an excellent price point when compared to copper-based paints) a huge plus. On a 60-degree day we found this paint to be dry to the touch in just under 30 minutes. Pettit recommends letting it dry for 8 hours before launching on a 77 degree day; which is something the DIY and commercial boater can both appreciate.

♦ Another factor that makes Neptune 5 a time- and cost-saver is that it can be applied over any previous coats of bottom paint and doesn’t require sanding in between coats. Even boaters who don’t run at speed regularly can expect Neptune 5 to leave their hulls algae and growth free for months. Stay tuned to for an update on how this paint performs after 7 months.

This article originally appeared in the August 2015 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.