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Maintaining Your Dometic Air Conditioner

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Keep It Cool With Dometic 
Keeping your boat a comfortable temperature is paramount to onboard comfort for many boaters. But remember, air conditioners need love too. We caught up with Dometic’s Ned Trigg, Senior Vice President of global systems sales, to get some tips on how to keep your boat’s AC unit running smoothly and keeping you cool (or warm) throughout the year. 

Dometic air conditioner

“There are three basic steps you can take to keep your air conditioner operating properly,” Trigg says, “and they have to do with the return-air filter, the seawater strainer, and the unit’s reversing valve.” 

Check your return-air filter about once a month to make sure that it is clean of debris and anything that might block air flow. If it is dirty, replace it. 

The seawater strainer on your AC needs to be kept clean and free of debris so that the pump receives a good amount of seawater. Periodically check the strainer basket (weekly or even daily during the summer months in the sunny south) and clean it if needed, checking to make sure that none of the hoses are kinked or bent. If you employ a diver to clean your boat’s bottom, make sure he checks that there is nothing obstructing the seawater-intake scoop. And remember, if you see the stream of discharge water in the side of the hull start to slow down this is likely a sign that you need to clean the seawater strainer. 

Most units are reverse-cycle meaning they have a reversing valve within them that needs to be energized periodically to keep all of the parts moving properly. To do this simply turn the unit from cold to hot (i.e., turn on the heat) and it will charge the reversing valve.

This article originally appeared in the January 2014 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.