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How To Make Your Boat a Long-Term Investment

Maintenance Special:

Let’s face it. If you’ve been into the marine scene for a while now you’ve undoubtedly realized the awful truth—boats be a pricey habit!

Capt. Bill Pike at work on Betty Jane

First off, there’s the original cost of the vessel, a not-insignificant sum. But then come the three oarsmen of the apocalypse: insurance, slip fees, and the ongoing parade of little projects that present themselves, often charmingly, but also often expensively.

Of course, the whole deal’s worth it. In spades. Boating, after all, is poetry. In splendidly,mellifluous action.

But common sense has gotta figure in too. I mean really—the many systems you’ve got onboard, which make the poetry so cool and comfortable, actually cost an arm and a leg. And prematurely losing any or all of this stuff to the sins of perplexity, lackluster maintenance, or plain ol’ neglect, piles insult on top of injury. So here’s a pointer or two on how to make the major systems last longer, most of them gleaned from long association with my own beloved vessel, the Grand Banks 32, Betty Jane.

This article originally appeared in the April 2013 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.