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How to Automate Your Trim Tabs

Photography by Capt. Vincent Daniello (unless stated otherwise)

On the Level

Add automated trim tabs for convenience, economy, and safety.

The Bennett Marine trim tabs ( found on most boats are easily retrofitted with automated trim-tab control. The hands-free system corrects both fore-and-aft trim as well as side-to-side list. This saves fuel, and when a helmsman concentrates on driving, not trim tabs, the auto tab control increases safety, too.

Contender 35 Photo Courtesy of Ingrid Menz

Except for power wires, all connections are prewired with quick-connect plugs, starting with the relay module mounted close to the boat’s existing hydraulic power unit (HPU), the pump and reservoir that actuates the tabs. This is likely near the trim tabs on inboard boats. With outboards, look in, under, or around the helm console.

This article originally appeared in the February 2013 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.