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Caring for Sea Recovery AquaMatic Watermakers

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Sea Recovery’s AquaMatic watermakers help make life onboard simpler on extended cruises by keeping the freshwater supplies topped up, particularly in remote locations where clean fresh water can be tricky to come by. The automated operation means a boater can set and forget the system, but it’s best to pay attention to its basic needs for continued trouble-free operation.

Sea Recovery AquaMatic Watermaker

“Prefilters need to be changed periodically,” says Berkeley Andrews, regional business development manager for Sea Recovery. “We recommend most customers utilize the option to have the commercial prefilters, as they last about five times as long.”

As with any onboard equipment, periodic maintenance schedules of watermakers depend on the duty levels they see. While an owner should see to it that prefilter elements and oil-water separators are replaced when system pressure drops below 10 psi, salinity probes should be cleaned every three months, and the charcoal filter element should be replaced quarterly as well.

“A good rule of thumb is to operate the watermaker where the water looks somewhat ‘clear,’ clean, or blue,” Andrews says. “This means you won’t have to change your filters quite as often. If you need to make water in adverse, dirty, or silty conditions, that is OK, but just plan to bring a few spare prefilter replacements so you can keep making water.” 

This article originally appeared in the January 2014 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.