Green Machine

Fuel Economy


Star brite says its Star Tron Diesel Additive is an eco-friendly fuel treatment that disperses fungi, mold, and yeast, allowing the engine's filtration system to function more efficiently. According to the company, this additive reduces excessive emissions while stabilizing diesel fuel for at least two years. Adding it to your engine should result in a marked increase in fuel efficiency, which is good news for your wallet and Mother Earth. One fluid ounce of Star Tron treats 32 gallons of diesel, and prices begin at about $12 for eight ounces.

Star brite
(800) 327-8583

Safe Soap


Eco-conscious boaters Sandy and Bill Jenkins couldn't find an environmentally friendly boat cleaner, so they decided to create their own. Thus was born Latitude 43 Organic Boat Soap ($19.99), a nontoxic, biodegradable cleaner. It's said to work on hull streaks, waterline stains, and algae. And unlike other marine-cleaning products, which often contain hydrocarbons and nitrates, Latitude 43 is made entirely from organic plant oils. So don't fret about the lack of suds: The Jenkinses say they left out surfactants (the chemicals which create soapy bubbles) because of their potential to suffocate fish.

Latitude 43
(888) 435-2843

Waste Not


By now we've all heard the three Rs of waste prevention: reduce, reuse, recycle. The No-Spill container helps boaters with the first one: It reduces waste by trapping excess fuel during fill-up, so it doesn't spill into the ocean. To use it, simply wipe your hull with a damp cloth, affix the black sealing grommet and attaching arm, and fill 'er up. When you're done, gently loosen the suction cups and pour any fuel inside into your fuel tank or an approved fuel receptacle. No-Spill containers come in four sizes and cost between $15.95 and $59.95.

T.G. Manufacturing
(800) 847-4302

Unwrap 'n Recycle


Spring has mercifully sprung, which means it's time to tear off that shrink wrap and get back on the water. But what to do with all that plastic? Rather than trashing it, order yourself Dr. Shrink's REBAG kit. For about 25 bucks you'll get a 2'6"x4'2'' clear bag with printed directions, a prepaid UPS label, and a plastic closure device. Stuff up to 600 square feet of shrink wrap into the bag, and then drop it off at a Maiboxes, Etc. or UPS center. While you're enjoying the first days of warm weather, Dr. Shrink will handle your leftovers for you.

Dr. Shrink
(800) 968-5147

This article originally appeared in the April 2008 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.