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Wes Moxey and Stephen Milne Interview

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Two Heads Are Better Than One

With the 54, Belize has on its hands a boat that is about 80-percent classic and 20-percent modern. And that formula extends to both her Sedan and Daybridge versions. Kevin Koenig rang up Riviera’s CEO Wes Moxey as well as Director of Brand and Communications Stephen Milne to discuss the two boats and the way Milne and Moxey foresee them being used.

Riviera Yachts' CEO Wes Moxey and Director of Brand and Communications Stephen Milne

Kevin Koenig: The Sedan and Daybridge versions of the 54 are very similar but have some obvious differences—to me, the Sedan seems a bit more traditional—what appreciable differences do you see in their markets?

Wes Moxey: They’re both fairly traditional. The Daybridge is definitely traditional. It lets you feel the wind in your hair and it allows you to get out of that cocoon of the single-level boat. Can you open the windows on the Sedan? Sure. But it is nice to be up top.

Stephen Milne:We sold one Sedan to a 70-year-old couple on the Gold Coast, serious cruisers. He wanted a one-level boat he could use for 15 years or so. The client said ‘I’m 70 now, I want to boat till I’m 80,’ so the boat needs to be single level, have a garage, joystick, walkaround decks, and it had to be distinctive looking. He wanted a boat he could love. And that’s what he got. 

Wes Moxey: And he’s typical of a Belize owner. A lot of times they’ve been a sailor in a previous lifetime, and now they’re looking for a more traditional feel, but something that’s also modern.

Kevin Koenig: OK, so the Sedan attracts a lot of ex-blowboaters, that seems to make sense to me.  Who is your guy for the Daybridge then?

Stephen Milne: There’s a Daybridge owner up in the Whitsundays—which is our Caribbean—by the Great Barrier Reef. He wanted the extra outdoor space to be able to get out in the weather and enjoy it, but also have the air conditioning for the longer passages.

Wes Moxey: There’s no right or wrong here, it’s not old versus young. Some traditional guys want the bridge. It’s just how you want to boat. Well, Stephen is an example, he’s got older kids but he likes the wind in his hair!

Stephen Milne: That’s true! [laughs] It’s just what you happen to like, some people like blondes and some people like brunettes … I happen to like them all! 

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