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Bob and Rob Lane Interview

Bob and Rob Lane, ages 64 and 32 respectively, are a father-son duo who keep their 61-foot Viking Lady Lane in West Palm Beach and the U.S. Virgin Islands. They’re avid fishermen with plenty of stories to tell, and a bond that’s strengthened by their time spent on the water.

Bob and Rob Lane, photo by Eddie Berman

Power & Motoryacht: How did each of you get into boating?

Bob: When I was a little kid my godfather used to take me out on Barnegat Bay. And then I was in college and a friend of mine knew some guys who owned sailboats and they needed people to yank some ropes for them, so we went down as coffee grinders. So I started out sailing, but in the end power was a much better way to go, because I could zip out the inlet and go where I wanted to go. I like to have a reason for boating. And fishing is as good a reason as any. And it’s a great way to keep the family together. I’ve been blessed with three sons and it’s great.

Rob: I’ve been involved since I was born. First we had an 18-foot walkaround, then two Sea Rays, then a 41-foot Viking, a 61 Buddy Davis we got used from a friend, and now we have the Lady Lane.

Power & Motoryacht: Bob, how did you get Rob into fishing?

Bob: Well when the boys were small we used to have boats in the backyard. We’d go out crabbing or fluking. We’d go out and fish for bluefish, bonito, and when we started we’d go for bluefish and if we caught a couple of them we were mighty fishermen, y’know? And then we got a little older, and the fish got a little bigger, and you go out a little farther and next thing you know you’re catching billfish. Rob could find fish when he was 7, and it’s been a passion of his ever since.

Power & Motoryacht:So Rob is a more serious fisherman than your other sons?

Bob: Oh, yes. Rob is a student of the art of fishing. He’s in the gym a lot so the physical aspect never comes into it. He’s got technique. He went to all the seminars and reads books and he just soaks it all up. He keeps records of everything he catches. He works at it, and he’s very successful. 

Power & Motoryacht: Rob, I heard you hold some kind of record?

Rob: Yeah, well, by the time I graduated college at 22, I had completed a royal billfish slam. That’s catching Atlantic and Pacific blue marlin, black marlin, striped marlin, white marlin, Atlantic and Pacific sailfish, swordfish, and then you have spearfish. I was the 18th person in the world to ever do that, and I was 22, which was about 20 years younger than the next guy to ever do it. I got written up in all the fishing magazines and stuff, and it sort of became a thing to do—fish the royal slam, and by now younger guys than I was have gone and done it as well. 

Power & Motoryacht:So you’re 22, you already caught a royal slam, was that a plateau? Did you wonder what to do next?

Rob: I just really wanted to keep fishing. This past November we won the [Palm Beach] Sailfish Classic—that was cool. I try to keep traveling to new places. I’ve been to Costa Rica; in Guatemala we caught 89 sailfish. The royal slam was awesome, but now I’m about making the most of it out on the water.

Bob: We fish the Sailfish Classic every year. We don’t care what wives think, we don’t care what girlfriends think, we don’t care what work thinks, we’re going.

This article originally appeared in the September 2013 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.