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Weego Portable Charger

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Weego portable charger

Weego portable charger

Most boaters know that cell phones searching for a signal while on the water die quickly, which is why you probably have (at least one) portable phone charger in the saloon drawer that’s reserved for your miscellaneous tools and accessories (come on, you know you have one). What if that portable charger was capable of jump-starting your boat’s batteries in a pinch? Now that might just earn a place of honor onboard.

Well, clear some room in your toolbox because the Weego Jump Starter Battery+ ($100-$190) can go from charging your laptop one second to jumping your dead batteries the next. Simply connect the included terminal clamps to your battery and hit the power button. The smallest model (JS6) is rated to start a 2.4-liter diesel engine and the largest (JS18 Professional) is rated for powering a 4.8-liter diesel or a 6.4-liter gas engine. A built-in fuse and diode protect the device—and you—while charging.

Besides powering your boat and subsequent day on the water, 11 additional plugs allow you to power your phone, tablet, speakers, and an array of other devices.

A built-in LED light assists with night-time charging and a preset S.O.S. strobe can alert nearby mariners if all else fails.

According to company president Brian Bell, the 12-volt Lithium-ion batteries in the device will only lose two percent of the charge after each month without use, which allows the Weego to be forgotten about for a season and then summoned when needed. All three models are easily stowable, with the largest version weighing in at just 1.5 pounds and measuring 9 inches by 3.5 inches by 1.3 inches.

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