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Tested: Sperry Boat Shoes

Toe to Toe

Sperry Boat Shoes
Sperry’s Voyager Sandal

Sperry’s Voyager Sandal
Price: $100,

Both of these new releases from sperry promise boaters superior grip and lightning-fast drying times. We tested them out to see if their claims hold water.

Sperry's Voyager Sandal

Pros: Fast Drying: The open shoe body and absence of soft, water-absorbing fabric allow this pair to go from fully submerged to completely dry in just a few minutes on a hot summer day. Excellent grip: Sperry’s patented Adaptive Wave Siping technology is well known for channeling water away from the sole to provide great grip. This shoe is a testament to that.

Cons: The elastic-band laces might allow you to put the shoes on and take them off quickly, but I’ve never felt so rushed that I didn’t have time for a fast loop, swoop, and pull. During the course of a 2- to 3-mile walk you’ll probably find yourself adjusting the strap a few times.

Verdict: This pair is at its peak of usefulness for those who know they’re going to get their feet wet. These would be my first choice when stand-up paddle boarding, jet skiing, kite surfing, or small boat sailing.

Sperry’s Kingfisher 2

Sperry’s Kingfisher 2
Price: $140,

Sperry's Kingfisher 2

Pros: Easy-tie laces: Unlike traditional Sperrys, these laces rarely come undone. Excellent grip: Even on the wettest decks. Quick drying: On a hot summer day they can go from being fully submerged to bone dry in about 20 minutes. Light weight: At 9.7 ounces, you can throw these in your dry bag or backpack and forget they’re there.

Cons: They look like sneakers, support your foot, and feel like sneakers. You might even be tempted to go for a run in them. Don’t. The hard bottom, which provides the traction, doesn’t give your foot much flex, meaning blisters are bound to appear.

Verdict: Because of its breathability and grip, this is a great pair of shoes to wear when washing down your boat, or taking the tender to the beach.

This article originally appeared in the August 2015 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.