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My list doesn’t include much. Just slow walkers, Taylor Swift, telemarketers, and getting a prop tangled in a crab pot. Luckily, there’s an easy way to deal with these petty annoyances. (OK, just the last one; I’m not crazy.) The solution: a trusty knife that can bail me out in a pinch.

SEAL Strike Knife

I’m not going to argue it: the SEAL Strike ($120) from SOG Knives—makers of tactical blades and gear—absolutely looks better suited for duty wedged between the teeth of a Navy SEAL than clipped onto a boater’s belt. But here’s the thing about overkill: It gets the job done, and usually gets it done right.

I brought the SEAL Strike on a recent cruise along the Connecticut coast, making sure to bring a solid line with me to test the fixed 4.9-inch blade’s partially serrated edge, and it cut through it like buttah. Cool. Did I feel like Rambo while doing it? Obviously.

With a slew of useful features on the sheath alone, including an intergrated linecutter with cover, a ferrocerium firestarter rod, and a sharpener, I was impressed by what I saw. The blade itself is powder coated to increase durability and rust resistance­—meaning it’s made to last, even in salt water. Fouled props? They’ve met their match.

VIDEO: See the SEAL Strike Knife in action during our test.