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Double Duty

Rain? Check. Humidity? Yes, the Watertight II from Columbia can handle that, too.


Florida’s ICW is the perfect place to test a jacket that can do it all, because, well, it’ll need to. As anyone who has boated in the “sunshine” state can attest, Florida’s weather is downright unpredictable: -perfectly sunny one minute, squalls on the horizon the next—sometimes both at the same time. Such inconsistent patterns make predicting the weather an unenviable job, and good luck trying to figure out what to pack for a cruise here. You might as well take a dart and throw it at a wall of suggestions.

With the weather in mind while packing for a cruise along the ICW, I brought along the Watertight II Jacket ($60) from Columbia. Sure enough, the jacket got used almost immediately upon my arrival. That squall in the picture above isn’t CGI or green screen; that’s real Florida weather for you.

Made from a 100-percent nylon weave, the Watertight II features fullseam sealing and a microporous fabrication called Omni-Tech; it’s guaranteed by the company to be waterproof and breathable. Summer squall on the horizon? The Watertight II shields you from spontaneous downpours. Hot, sticky -humidity? The jacket allows excess heat and vapor built up from dynamic activity—scurrying up and down the flybridge ladder, tossing lines, fishing, etc.—to escape, keeping you cool as a -cucumber on the inside.

Complete with an adjustable hood, two zippered hand pockets, an abrasion-resistant chin guard and drawcord-adjustable hem, the Watertight II also is infinitely packable and a nice addition to any cruise. With a bevy of fit options to choose from—including standard, bigger and taller, with a slew of different sizes within those categories—the jacket has been engineered to conform to -almost every body type. You won’t have to shimmy into something too small or drown in excess fabric.

The Watertight II is useful for the ICW, or any place with a hot clime and the chance for rain at a moment’s notice. When the weather is spontaneous (no, not the fun kind), it’s nice to know you can wear something consistently predictable.


Columbia's new Watertight II offers a light, breathable jacket that can handle rain or shine. Luckily, we had both when testing it on a recent cruise.

Video produced by John V. Turner

This article originally appeared in the September 2018 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.