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Beast of Burden

Snowlizard, the makers of military-grade iPhone cases, protects your phone with built-in durability and ingenuity galore.

Snowlizard iPhone case

A solar panel on the back keeps you topped off.

In Newport, Rhode Island, recently, a colleague recounted the dread he felt watching his pricey drone take a nosedive to Davy Jones’ Locker. I wanted to console him: I’ve felt his pain. While I’ve been lucky, I do have a habit for losing, breaking, or waterlogging whatever phone currently happens to be in my possession.

It’s bad. (I keep plenty of brown rice handy.) So when SnowLizard, the makers of rugged military-grade waterproof cases, sent their SLXtreme 7 Case ($150) for us to test on a cruise, I called dibs.

The first thing you notice is the heft: With an iPhone 7 inside, it weighs a little less than a pound. But any inherent bulkiness shouldn’t bother the cruiser who is intent on keeping their iPhone dry—Snow­Lizard currently only makes cases for Apple products—and out of harm’s way.

The reason for the case’s poly-carbonate exterior is twofold: With 6.6 feet of both waterproof and drop-proof protection, it’s built to handle a drop onto rocks or a sudden plop when coming ashore aboard a tender.

Factor in a solar panel on the back that can charge the case’s integrated battery and a micro USB charger as well, and you’ll never have to take the phone out of the case. With iPhone 6 and 8 cases available—and an SLXtreme iPhone X case coming out soon—I know my new phone will thank me.