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Personal Maintenance

If you’re like most boat owners, you’re fanatical when it comes to maintaining your boat. There’s not a tool, tip, or technique that you won’t try. But bear this in mind: Your vessel’s not the only thing that takes a beating while you play. You do too. That’s why it pays to redirect a bit of that feverish devotion to all things maintenance and focus on keeping, well, you in mint condition. Here are a few of the newest offerings on the market—from protective hats to polarized glasses—to help keep you ship shape.

Splash Shield


Photo by Craig W. Dale

New for ’09, the Inshore Lite jacket is breathable and waterproof. Perfect for staying cool and dry. ($145;

Noodle Matters


Photography by Craig W. Dale

Proving they have indeed thought of everything: the Sombriolet hat has UPF 50+ and a foam-stiffened brim so it’ll float if it ever flies off. ($36;

Get A Grip


Photography by Craig W. Dale

Aftco’s new Bluefever Release gloves keep fishing buffs’ fingers protected. ($36;

Ocular Armor


Keep your peepers safe with Costa’s brand new, 100-percent polarized Howler shades. ($129-219;

This article originally appeared in the March 2009 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.