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Overboard Survival Pack

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Best Boating Gifts for Father’s Day 2015

Overboard Survival Pack

Overboard Survival Pack

PFDs save lives. You know it, I know it, but how many among us can honestly say we wear one every time sea conditions turn sporty? Like many, Capt. Dan Cohen rarely donned a PFD, even during annual deliveries of a 39 Contender from Florida to New York’s Sag Harbor. After a couple of close calls almost threw him from the boat, he realized he needed to be smarter, so he invented the Overboard survival pack ($600). The lightweight pack comes equipped with an assortment of survival essentials like a flotation device, matches, chapstick, duct tape, a knife, and food and water rations. Electronics are not included in the base price but items like a PLB and VHF are easily incorporated into the pack.

“The number one concern of people who fall overboard is drowning. You can die of hypothermia before that. That’s why we added a Landshark on the back, which is a hypothermia bag,” explains Cohen. “Essentially, it’s shaped like a sleeping bag with one hole in it. It fills with water, which eventually warms up to your body temperature. You can be in 40-degree water in that thing and survive in the ocean. Without one in 40-degree water you would last 15 to 20 minutes at the most.”

Whether your dad is a delivery captain, offshore angler, or a coastal cruiser, the Overboard survival pack might just give him a fighting chance if things go very, very bad.

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