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Otter Box iPhone 4 Case


Otter Box iPhone 4 Case

The best protection for a boater’s iPhone?

Word arrived by e-mail—everybody at PMY was getting a new iPhone 4, the latest smartphone from Apple. Because I’m into protecting and preserving my tools, my immediate reaction was, “I gotta find the best, most boat-friendly protective case available for my phone, use it for a while, and then write up an evaluation for the magazine.”

I set off upon an entertaining little hunt, and I quickly discovered that many of the cases on the market today—and there are scads of them varying in price from $20 to almost $90—require the application of a cut sheet of protective clear plastic to a smartphone’s touchscreen during install. Based on several successful and not-so-successful stabs at it by yours truly, I can tell you that this is a giant pain in the posterior. Perfect placement’s tough to achieve, and bubbles arise under the plastic sheet, which are hard—if not impossible—to squeeze out. Fortunately, some cases, most notably the Defender Series from Otter Box, are heavily built, weatherproof (and therefore boat-friendly), and come with the plastic sheet built-in.

While fitting my iPhone into the defender’s somewhat complicated, felt-lined, high-impact polycarbonate frame (with textured-silicone exterior sleeve for bump resistance and an improved grip) was somewhat challenging, its built-in touchscreen membrane works like a champ. Clear as a bell despite its thickness, the thing resists fingerprints and static buildup, and produces no posterior-paining bubbles. Moreover, I received a beefy belt clip with my Defender that doubles as a stand for hands-free viewing.

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This article originally appeared in the April 2011 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.