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Maui Jim Seawall Sunglasses

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Eye Candy

On the Water and Anywhere Else

Maui Jim Seawall sunglasses

aFunny thing happened to me when I was wearing these new Maui Jim Seawall sunglasses ($219.00; the other day. I had popped them on to go pick up a turkey sandwich at the deli, and the girl behind the counter immediately complimented me on them. I guess their midnight-blue frames stood out in the sea of black-framed wrap shades. Designed for far more than running errands, the Seawalls are part of the Maui Jim On The Water Collection, featuring high-tech neutral-gray lenses that reduce 99.9 percent of the glare. Anglers may find they’re able to clearly see their quarry below the surface—it’s almost like cheating. But I don’t think your conscience will bother you when you’re back at the docks cleaning a big fish and getting chatted up by some pretty young thing because she likes your shades.

This article originally appeared in the February 2013 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.