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Liquid Image Camera

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Liquid Image Camera

Liquid Image Camera

Today’s smart phones are more than adequate for capturing your on-the-water adventures. But underneath the surface is another interesting world that you’re going to want to photograph. This is where a Hydra Series dive mask/camera ($120) from Liquid Image comes in handy. It has an HD 720P underwater camera built into the frame of the mask, allowing you to swim (snorkel or scuba dive) with both hands then touch the shutter button on top of the mask to capture still images or record a video. This could be a useful tool when documenting issues with your bottom or running gear.

Its 120-degree wide-angle lens captures a large portion of underwater scenery, sometimes too large when trying to shoot a wayward clownfish, but the good news is the high-quality 12 MP images (which allows for 11-by-14-inch prints) can be cropped down afterwards and still maintain their high resolution. Four AAA batteries allow for 2 hours of uninterrupted video shooting. 

After drying off, an included USB cord allows for speedy uploading of your media to your computer and then on to Facebook. Because when you have stunning underwater photos, how can you not share them?

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