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Now Hear This

The new Fusion handheld mic lets you use the stereo to get the crew’s attention.

Ever been on a boat with one of those plastic signs stuck to the wall that says No Yelling? I get the sentiment, but when you’re up on the flybridge and you need to get the attention of someone in the cabin, odds are you will need to yell. Or maybe stomp your foot. A handy new device from Fusion lets you make your voice heard through the onboard stereo system. That means no more yelling, and no more stomping.

The Fusion handheld mic plugs into compatible head units, which includes the popular Apollo RA670 and RA770. To install the unit is plug and play. You can either plug the mic directly into the back of the stereo, or you can place a connector mount on the dash, which you can then plug the mic into. The mount can be placed anywhere, as long as the cables reach the back of the stereo.

The new Fusion handheld mic

The new Fusion handheld mic

Once the mic is installed, you’re ready to take to the airwaves like a flight attendant. All you have to do is squeeze the trigger and the song that is playing will pause and the stereo will broadcast whatever you say into the mic. When you release the trigger, the song picks up right where it left off.

At $130, this is an affordable way to communicate with folks on the boat, other boats nearby or even water skiers behind the boat. While not as powerful as a full-on PA system, this handheld mic is a simple, affordable way to communicate with the other people on the boat without having to shout. So if you like to be the party DJ, or just want to keep this in the dash for those times when you’re rafting up or docking and need to speak with the crew handling the lines, the mic will definitely be useful. It’s also waterproof and built to last.

The mic comes with everything you will need to set it up including an RCA cable and mounting plate.