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Flexible Solar Panels

PowerFilm Flexible solar panels

See the Light

Solar panels—especially foldable ones—aren’t just for sailors anymore.

When one thinks of solar power on board, images of cluttered sailboat decks probably come to mind. It’s true, solar energy is much more important when you’re trying to live comfortably off the grid, but just because you have a large generator belowdecks doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the power of the sun; after all, nothing kills the mood while on the hook in a secluded cove like the low rumble of a genset. So now it’s never been easier to efficiently harness the sun’s rays,  thanks to PowerFilm Flexible solar panels ($178 to $220, depending on size).

Able to provide .45 amp to .9 amps (again, depending on size), the panels are ideal for charging smaller electronics or providing a trickle charge to your batteries. And unlike solar panels of yesteryear,  PowerFilm panels don’t need to be completely blanketed with sunshine to provide lots of power. 

Grommets in the corners allow you to attach a panel to its designated location topsides and forget about it while you’re out enjoying the water. Done with it for the day? Simply roll it back up and stick it in a locker or drawer until next time.

This article originally appeared in the February 2016 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.