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Enviro-friendly products for your boat.

These days, it’s hip to be green. But just because a company slaps a label on something and deems it environmentally sound, doesn’t make it true. Fortunately for those of you who are committed to reducing your environmental impact, there exist plenty of companies that are putting out truly eco-friendly products. From biofuel for your tender or PWC to chemical-free cleaning solutions, here are a few offerings that will help you do your part to keep that big blue ocean oh-so-green.

Watch your WashMake the most of your onboard washing machine with Biokleen’s Cold-Water Formula Laundry Liquid. It’s phosphate- and chlorine-free. (approx. $7 for 32 oz. and $14 for 64 oz.;

Tidy Tenders Green Earth Technology’s groundbreaking TC-W3 two-cycle G-Oil is made from American-grown base oils, meets the ASTM standards for the highest biodegradability ranking, and is smoke- and smell-free. ($5.99 for 16 oz., $11.99 for 32 oz.;

Loosen UpA good lubricant is a must for shipboard items like chains, winches, bearings, and gears. SoyClean’s Penetrant and Lubricant is just that, plus it has a Volatile Organic Compounds content rating of less than five percent, which means it doesn’t create a lot of ground ozone. ($7.99 for 22 oz.;

Clean MachineThetford Marine’s line of cleaners (including Boat Wash, Bilge Clean-er, Black Streak Remover, and more) is the first in the marine industry to get the EPA’s “Design for the Environment” stamp. (prices range from approx. $8 to $15;

This article originally appeared in the April 2010 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.