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In the Drink

Drum Protection


Swimming does a body good. It strengthens your muscles, works your lungs, and can be quite the tonic for your mind, too. There are, however, a couple of organs it can take a real toll on--your ears. Well, fear not infection phobes: Auricular protection does exist thanks to the Swimmer’s Ear Eliminator ($99.95), which was designed by ear, nose, and throat specialist Dr. Hamilton P. Collins. In 80 seconds, this rechargeable ear dryer zaps moisture in the outer ear canal, which, according to the company, virtually eliminates infections, a.k.a. swimmer’s ear.

Finest Flippers


Fancy yourself a snorkeling buff? Or maybe you’re looking to add some oomph to the ol’ breaststroke? Either way, check out the Tech 2 Swim Fins from Hydro--so adept that Hammacher Schlemmer has named them "The Best Snorkeling Fins." The Hammacher Institute commissioned a panel of swimmers to test a slew of fins and, thanks to the superior momentum Tech 2s generated, these flippers came out on top. Made from molded silicone (which is denser than water), the Tech 2 fins help swimmers keep their feet below the surface, resulting in increased power and speed. The price for the best? Only $69.95.

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Splashy Tunes


Studies have shown that people who exercise with music typically work harder, go faster, and last longer than those who don’t. So for those of you in hot pursuit of Michael Phelps’ Olympic records, I present the Dolphin Waterproof MP3 Player from Nu Technology. Both this super-light, cylindrical tune player and its accompanying earphones are compliant with international water-resistance standards and both recently won the prestigious Red Dot design award. The Dolphin, which comes in 1 and 2 GB models, straps onto your goggles and lasts for up to eight hours when fully charged. Prices range from $99 to $115.

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Dry Suit


When you’ve finished up a swim or dive, get your wet suit dry with the help of the UK HangAir Drying system, a waterproof fan-and-hanger combo that is designed to suck the moisture out of wet suits, dry suits, and foul weather gear. This high-power, waterproof fan pushes out 120 cubic feet of air per minute, which means your gear will be bone-dry and odor-free within a matter of hours, not days. The HangAir ($39.99) is molded from tough plastic resin, which means it’ll easily hold up to 100 pounds of your wettest stuff.

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This article originally appeared in the November 2008 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.