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Catch Some Z’s on the High Seas

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When the motion of the ocean isn’t enough, these can help get you to sleep.


Safe Bed

If you often have young guests onboard or charter your boat, your onboard mattresses can take quite a beating. Spills and stains are bound to happen when the going gets rough or just if you happen to be drinking wine in bed. Made in North Carolina, Zeus America will custom craft a stain-proof, waterproof mattress cover to fit any size mattress. The company claims the only stain they weren’t able to remove is permanent marker, which speaks more to the marker than the mattress cover. When liquid is spilled, it beads up but leaves the opposite side dry. A disinfectant is available to sterilize the cover, great for charters, but the mattress cover is machine washable. (Starting at $70; Zeus America)
Photo by Craig W. Dale


Performance Sheets

Made from the same fabric as athletic clothes, Sheex are perfect for the often-fickle onboard environment. And, to combat the awkward shapes of boat mattresses, the fitted sheet has a drawstring to prevent slipping. Designed to wick away sweat when it’s warm but keep you warm when it’s cool, you’ll be in too deep a sleep to even count sheep. (Sets starting at $179; SHEEX)
Photo by Craig W. Dale


Nautical Flag Pillows

Sewn in California, Home by the Seashore sells these 18-inch-square pillows in every nautical letter and number. Made with durable and waterproof Sunbrella fabrics, choosing the right letter can be the perfect accent to your yacht. For some reason, these three pillows really spoke to us. ($48; Home By The Seashore )
Photo by Craig W. Dale


Custom Mattresses

Hickory Springs, manfacturers of Sea Comfort mattresses, has partnered with Quality Custom Linens to bring customers the ultimate personalized sleep. Custom-built mildew resistant mattresses (with hinges to access stowage) pair perfectly with sheets cut to match. (Upon Request; Hickory Springs)
Photo courtesy of Hickory Springs

Photographed at Atlantis Marina & Yacht Club

This article originally appeared in the May 2011 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.