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Boat-Cleaning Cloths

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Photos by Craig W. Dale

The Easiest Ways To Clean Up Your Act Onboard


West Marine

Reggae Wash Mitt

After a long day of cruising, bringing your boat back to her home port means wiping her down to get rid of the pesky salt water. A towel might seem effective—until you’ve finished and are left with a lint-speckled hull. This aptly named wash mitt from West Marine is a better option. Its dreadlocks-like fabric wraps comfortably around your hand, works up the suds when you’re washing, and reaches all those tiny cracks and crevices where dirt hides when you’re drying.

(; $9.99)

Microfiber cloths

West Marine

Microfiber Cloths

Keeping your boat spick-and-span always comes down to the details. Carry these convenient multipacks of microfiber cloths and you will always have one nearby—on the flying bridge, on the main deck, even in the tender—so you can remove fingerprints, dust, and spray from the screens of your electronics.

(; $5.99)

The Absorber

Emgee Marketing

The Absorber 

Unlike a terry-cloth towel, The Absorber actually dries best when it’s wet. Yet like a towel, this synthetic chamois is totally machine-washable. Plus, you can return it damp to its plastic stowage case without fear of the dreaded mildew. 

(; $19.99)

This article originally appeared in the April 2012 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.