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Show Debut - MCY 86

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2014 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show Special

With its 86, Monte Carlo Yachts broke the mold for what cruising onboard an MCY can be.


The Monte Carlo Yachts 86 represents a departure for the builder. To fully realize that fact, all you have to do is look at its models lined up next to each other. The 86’s predecessors—the 65, 70, and 76—are all proportional to one another. If docked in a row, they bring to mind a giant Russian nesting doll with an obvious maritime bent. But the 86? She’d swallow them all whole.

With an 86-foot LOA and a 21-foot-2-inch beam, the 86 is larger by dimension than her closest little sister, the 76, a boat that measures 75 feet 7 inches long and 18 feet 5 inches wide. What’s more, thanks in part to her eye-catching fashion plates that offer extra support for her bridge deck the 86’s flying bridge is absolutely monstrous, and compares well to what you might find on a 100-footer. Really. 


Because of her increased volume, the MCY 86 is the first boat in the line that is designed primarily as a crew-operated boat. The 76 was made for a skilled owner-operator. But the 86, with her larger crew’s quarters and concealed passageways, is very much made for an owner who demands the utmost in both leisure and privacy while onboard.

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Another difference between the 86 and the 76 is propulsion systems. Whereas the 76 is a pod boat, MCY opted for twin 1,800-horsepower MAN V-drives for the 86, since she’s so large. The 86 also has hydraulic thrusters, as opposed to the electric ones on the 76, an evolution that lends her an air of durability—one her captain will surely appreciate.

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  • Builder: Monte Carlo
  • Model: MCY86

This article originally appeared in the November 2014 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.