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Yanmar Smart Check

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Yanmar Smart Check

Unfortunately you'll need Yanmar electronic engines like the BY, LY3, and SY Series (so far) plus at least one Raymarine E-120 to even consider plunking down $795 for the Smart Check software package that will debut this fall. But once you realize all that it will do, you'll be hoping Yanmar makes it available for other MFDs and that other engine manufacturers develop Smart Check-like products. Smart Check provides a complete virtual gauge set, monitoring some 40 engine, gear, and control functions. It also delivers detailed alarms with troubleshooting suggestions and even a maintenance log with reminders and instructions. And its very sophisticated fuel-management abilities include range compensated for a reasonable reserve and a graphic chart-overlay ring that dynamically draws that range based on current fuel flow (see "Know the Flow"). Smart Check will function over a network of multiple E-120s and keeps working even when its gauge set is not displayed in a full or split window, alerting you to engine-status changes with color-coded indicators and pop-up data windows.

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This article originally appeared in the October 2008 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.