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Ask anyone who’s ever dropped their cellphone in the drink: Water and electronics do not mix. But before you’re forced to replace yet another waterlogged gizmo, take a gander at these splash-proof personal electronics. From a wireless MP3 player that works when totally submerged to a protective pack that’ll help keep your iPhone safe, we’ve got the goods on the newest waterproof technology. Why not stock up before your next big trip?


Salty Speakers

Whether you’re floating in an onboard pool or taking a dip just off your mooring, check out the Aqua Sounder floating wireless speaker. It’s about the size of a basketball and works with the accompanying MP3 player dock. ($149)


Memory Maker

Bid adieu to grainy images. New for 2009, SeaLife’s DC1000 camera is a ten-megapixel photo snapper that has reportedly survived immersion to 200 feet. (about $500)


Super Shell

Keep those apps safe: Aquapac guarantees its iPhone case works in up to 15 feet of water. And you can make calls and snap photos directly through the protective material. ($30)


Can you hear me now?

Waterproof and wire-free, Mi-SPORT’s headphones feature an integrated, PC- and MAC-compatible MP3 player with 1GB of memory. ($89)

This article originally appeared in the June 2009 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.